Electrical Properties of cancer cells.


Besides nutrition, electrical charges also play an important role in the metabolism, function, and nutrient-toxins transport of a cell.

In a nutshell – healthy cells has electric charge of 70~80mv

unhealthy / sick cells – 30~40mv

cancer cells survive on <20mv

Go to the above link for more in depth understanding of the electrical properties of our body.

This information might suggest that Dr. TRON therapy might be effective in cancer prevention if used on a daily basis.

Dr. TRON charges our body with 5500v-9000v of positive:negative potential and enhances our cell’s electrical charge to levels of 70mv.  Of course this effects ends when we stop the treatment but microcirculation tests shows that it can at least last around 30 minutes by gradually decreasing. So daily use is recommended.

More posts on electric and cancer cells to come… only if I can find that piece of document hidden somewhere in my storeroom which is also my room..:)


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  1. […] TRON helps to expediate the healing process by correcting the electrical properties of our cells, even with minimal changes to dietary lifestyle. Of course, as a natural healing therapist myself, I […]

    • I am sure the rectal cancer I have has electrical activity.Now it is reduced after radiation and chemo,I started getting some restful sleep and stopped bleeding,I can wear syntethic garnments and do not have to wake up at 3 P.M. to fan my butt because it is hot…from inside and outside.I feel the localized tumor of 7 cm had lost its strength.Any ideas what i can do before i go back in one month to Cat scan,possible surgery?Katy

  2. Where can I buy this machine in brunei and malaysia

    • Sorry this machine is no longer available for sale in either Malaysia or Brunei. However there is another economical model available for sale in Brunei only. I will furnish you with the details if you are interested via email.

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