I’ll be away for Chinese New Year

To all you guys who has been logging in to my blog… first and foremost thank you for your visit….

My new year resolution would be … more comments and constructive advice or requests for the coming year….

I’ll be away for a week or more… for the Chinese Lunar New Year…..

So i’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone … a happy Chinese ‘NIU’ Year…

FYI – ‘niu’ is bull in Mandarin. Hopefully the market performs like the bull in this volatile 2009…. wishful thinking? You bet…..

See u in 7 or more……

*sob* I think I might be suffering from blogging and facebooking withdrawal symptoms…. maybe I would sneek out to starbucks for an hour or two whlist expecting the wrath of my gf…..


2 Responses

  1. Happy Niu Year Edward….hope you will recover from your syndorme when you return 🙂 All d best

  2. Managed to squeeze in some time to go online today… my gf is having a reunion w her classmates… while she’s chatting away.. im having my choco cream chip at starbucks surfing away!!!

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