Day dreamers – Wake up to REALITY!!!!



  I find it appalling that most youngsters today  tend towards an “entitlement mentality”. They want more $      for less work. They fight for private life vs work balance and have the gall to claim that they gave it all for  the sake of the company. Where has all the meaning of ‘work hard for your dough’ gone? Don’t they realize  without extra effort you will never excel in any single thing you do?

Hope the message below can wake them up to reality…

* The world does not owe you or anybody else a living. And it especially does not owe you riches quick, slow or otherwise.

* Nobody but you can make you rich. You’re going to have to do this yourself.

* There is no guaranteed fast or effortless way to do this. Realizing a big dream like yours will take intense study … laser-like focus … buckets of skull-sweat … the dedication of a Golden Retriever … unlimited uncompensated overtime … the persistence of a buzzing housefly … the patience of Job … the risk tolerance of a riverboat gambler … and the eternal optimism of Forrest Gump.

* Do it anyway. It’s worth it. In spades. And getting there is more than half the fun.

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Enlighten me on this:

Why is the entitlement mentality prevalent amongst the young today? Is it their upbringing where everything is provided for?

Was it is over protectiveness of parents that sow the seeds of dependency in our young?

Work vs private life balance is important. Could you ever accept that at some point in your career or work life, work calls for more attention and sacrifice?

Comments, anyone?



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