1 Secret to MORE CASH by year end 2009 !!!




If you happened upon this post with a search  engine … most probably you are looking for some  extra cash in these trying times… or maybe you  are looking for some part time revenue… or  maybe you just want to make more….

 Sorry to dissappoint … this post is anything but  the extra cash….

 You want more by year end? The secret is


 You have heard of it before? Then have you acted  on it?

 How many times have you paid yourself first  before paying off those bills “even when you have  to pay the bare minimum on your credit card”?

  As a rule of thumb you can pay yourself first with  a 10% after tax income every month and work  upwards from there. 10% too much? Start from  5% then….. 

  The trick here is to keep doing it until it becomes  a HABIT.



 You would just spend the money anyway, if it  stays in your account which can be withdrawn with an ATM card. (yeah..you should deposit the money in an bank account without the ATM card)

Do it, take action NOW and you will knock yourself silly that you have not done it sooner. (i did)

AND YOU KNOW WHAT? If you have read all the way down here… i think that you are seriously considering the piece of old age advice above so I’ll give you ONE more tip for that extra cash by year end…


Yes.. it adds up. Save all your one dollar notes by the end of every day… you will be surprised that it adds up from 500 to 1000 extra dollars by year end….well that’s swell for a lil Christmas budget 🙂 ( i saved 1100++ in 2008, and i just put it into my savings acocunt)

Well, what do you think? Is it doable? Or do you have other advice? TELL US MORE!


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