Or are we preventing it from working?


52% of Malaysians taking vitamins and supplements making it the 7th highest in the world and highest in the Asia pacific region.

In contrast, high blood pressure among Malaysian stands at 480,000 and is projected to increase to 960,000 in a ten year period.

Diabetes is on a all time high standing at 1.2 million Malaysians diagnosed with the condition.

What gives?

Aren’t taking supplements supposed to keep me away from all these illness?

Are the supplements just bogus pills and powder that don’t work?

My take is your lifestyle, attitude and commitment towards your health that matters most.

Consider this

How many times have you hop from one supplement to another without actually finishing the last one? (check your refrigerator, you might find a good number of half full supplements in it.)

How long did you stick to your last supplement? One month? Four months? A year?

Do you know what you are consuming? What the supplements does? Is it synthetic or all natural?

Did you buy the supplement over the counter or through a friend or agent? If so, where you educated on the function of the supplement and most importantly why and how it helps you?

Are you committed to consuming it on a daily basis as part of your daily diet? What is your daily diet like? ( I have customers going on oily, high simple carbs, salty and sweet foods and hope that the supplement they bought could simply zap away all those nasty stuff)

Do you believe that by taking supplements you can skip exercising and still be healthy? If not, are you exercising right? (I have people challenging me that if my supplements were that good then why the need to exercise? How naive)

Are you taking the supplement as a food supplement or do you take it as a medication? (most people change supplements because they take it as a quick fix)

Do you believe in prevention? Or do you believe that conventional medicine’s aims to get you back to good health?

If you are consuming supplements and do not want to be part of the statistic then consider this

Study the supplement you are going to buy. Or the one selling you the supplement should be knowledgeable and caring enough to educate you on what you need to know.

Is the supplement supported with research and studies? Is the studies carried out using the supplement brand or type or is it a borrowed claim? If there are no studies, how have people by using it benefited from the product (anecdotal evidence).

Is the supplement you are consuming important for your body type? By important, I mean that every individuals has some different pressing problems within their bodies. For example is your digestive risk is high and you take a supplement that is meant for general health maintenance it is not going to benefit you.

Do not treat supplements as medication. They work differently. Medication has concentrated amounts of certain chemicals that is mixed to function in a specific way. Supplements on the other hand works synergistically with other nutrients to nourish, repair, and supports bodily functions.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise! Watch your diet! Get enough rest and sleep. Most supplements we take works on the nutritional side only. Supplements is NOT a cure-all and never will be.

Choose natural supplements over synthetic ones. Whole food based over extracted ones. Know that no single vitamin and mineral can work by itself. It needs other nutrient (also known as co-factors) to work efficiently.

Till next … Stay cheerful … be healthy

If you have questions that you do not want to get posted on my comments column you can email me at edward@ues.com.my

p.s. Beware of these claims (I find them very misleading and irresponsible):

Take this supplement X and you will never need other supplements ever again. (misleading)

Take this supplement X and continue enjoying the foods you like and never have to watch what you eat. (irresponsible)

Take this supplement X and your problems will be CURED. (misleading and irresponsible)

Most who make these claims are people who do not know much about nutrition or the supplement they are selling and just want to make the sale or get you to join their membership program.

Ask more and find out more. If these agents get into a rut and start side stepping your questions and make no effort to search for answers to your queries, find another that is willing to do so. ( that’s because these agents won’t be in business for long, their purpose is to make money not make you healthy)


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