SECRET OF A MAN’S MIND ( in a bar )

Doesn’t it make you swoon when she smiles? So sweet…. Your heart skips faster as your body feels more rigid…. You hope that she is staring at you but she’s not… you hope she notices you…she does… you hope good opinion is formed in her mind of you… her mind is thinking the same too….

You start swaying to the music .. moving your head side to side and your shoulders to the beat of the music… you she her swaying her hips too… you try to attract.. you steal a look …she looks back noticing that your eyes are onto her… your eyes quickly shoots to the TV screen pretending not to stare but you know better…

You hope she will start the conversation first…. But fat chance as it does not happen that way… you wait and procrastinate out of fear.. then a jerk comes along and chat her up… you secretly vow to beat that jerk up if he should take advantage of her… but that does not happen… before you know it she walks with him to another table… you feel down and useless and lost… then she comes walking back… hope comes back and goes just as fast as she walks not to her table but out the exit.. gone for now and you hope to meet again …soon….



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