Selling With A Purpose


dsc00002aSelling on purpose goes deeper than the actual surface meaning. When we talk about purpose of selling most would think of money, in actual fact it is much more than that.


My stand is

‘if you are in it for the money, you won’t be in it for the long run’

‘if you are in it because you are PASSIONATE about it, you will be in it indefinitely.’

Selling for the money or commission is important, it should be a goal and the money as a report card to measure your efforts.

Purposes holds a higher meaning. It goes above self.


A Purpose links with a person’s character and believe.

A Purpose motivates when the going gets tough.

A Purpose aligns back went the direction deviates.

A Purpose builds trust and integrity.

A Purpose in the end is when people form an opinion about you – salesman or a friend.


A noble purpose would be ‘Others above self’

Help others get what they want and stop talking about what you want.

Lets face it, if you go on thinking and acting on how to get the most $$ out of everyone’s pocket, your reputation goes down the drain and in the end you will run out of steam doing things alone.

On the other hand, your customers feel that you are really concerned about their problems and you are offering a solution to help them. They just need to make a decision and put down their hard-earned cash to get the problem solved. It creates a WIN-WIN situation for all. Better yet, they are satisfied with your solution, they give you great REPUTATION and REFERRALS! 

Easier said than done?


My advice: Check out your PURPOSE!

p/s read THE ONE MINUTE SALES PERSON by Spencer Johnson on Purpose Selling


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