Dr Tron Revisited

I come face to face with many people with different medical conditions on a daily basis.

Most of them suffer from modern day illness like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The question is, if you are suffering from one of the modern day disease –

“Aren’t you worried about the future complications that will occur like dialysis after years of diabetes?”

“Don’t you realize that your daily dose of medication is not going bail you out of your problems but serve to add more misery in later stages of life?”

“Do you feel the irony of having to swallow toxic pills knowing surely at one point its going to give you some possible side effects which has been put forth to you?”

“Is there a motivation to overcome your current condition with lifestyle changes and exercise? If not what are you doing about it?”

These are challenging questions for most of the people I meet and it’s a challenge for them to overcome.

I am glad to have had helped these individuals over the years by educating and putting them on a simple yet effective therapy to improve on their conditions.

Bio-electric potential therapy, Dr. TRON, which I use has been around for 52 years since its invention in Japan. (you can read more about how it works here). Using this therapy, I have helped individuals improve on their conditions which has made them suffered for years.

Case 1 : Blood pressure of 140/90 with medication control is able to lower itself to 120/80 after a month of usage.

Case 2 : Consistently of high blood sugar between 16 – 22 mmol/l even with increased and higher dosage of medication reduces to levels of 9 – 10 mmol/l after a month of usage.

Case 3 : Weekly of injection for swelling due to uric acid inflammation, improved within 2 weeks.

Case 4 : Insomnia of twenty years begin to improve after one week and is getting better by the day.

Case 5 : Migraine which needs tens of painkiller a day to subside. Painkillers gradually reduced after 1 week of treatment to none at all after the 4th week.

Case 6: A wheel chair bound stroke patient was able to stand up after 3 months of therapy.

Since 2003, I have been using Dr. Tron to help individuals with various kinds of ailments and disease. I do not claim it to be a cure all and it works. Why?

I believe that it helps us to improve and enhance our body’s natural healing power which is inside each and everyone of us. All the improvement of different symptoms and disease is a sign that our body has the capacity to heal ourselves given appropriate and conducive internal environment.

In general there are 2 main changes in the body,

Chemical changes, which is normally attributed to the food choices we make and hormonal changes produced by or hormonal glands.

Electrical changes, which is the change of charges of our cells when it’s in an inflammatory state, healing state or even due to old age.

Dr. TRON helps to expediate the healing process by correcting the electrical properties of our cells, even with minimal changes to dietary lifestyle. Of course, as a natural healing therapist myself, I encourage them to change their dietary habits gradually or introduce greens into their daily diet.

Given the fact that old habits die hard, I cannot expect all of them to be committed to healthy eating all at the same time. (I attend to some 120 people on an average day). Some has been struggling with dietary changes for years now. At least I have Dr. TRON which can help them reduce some of the damages resulting to poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle.

Is this pseudo-science? Many in conventional or mainstream medicine will scream YES!

I have seen too many changes and improvement to people’s health using this wonderful therapy to deny that it is helpful and effective in enhancing the natural healing power of each individual. There are books written in Japanese and translated to Mandarin on bio-electric therapy with supporting facts and research but then it will undoubtedly be written off as unconclusive data or research by the mainstream.

Believe it or not? I will say do not believe it! Try it! and let your body tell you the story.

Till next, keep healthy.


Me using a tester to prove that she is under treatment. The tester lights up upon touch due to the high bio-electric circulating the body.


4 Responses

  1. hi,

    I live in the US. Do you know where I can buy or perchuse a dr tron device from?

    Thank you very much

  2. hi,
    I’m from Brunei Darussalam. My question is, a friend of my inquiry regarding the prolong usage of Dr Tron can have a bad effect upon our body cells and fragile of bone……

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