“Don’t eat to much veggies you might become ONE!” – Of Rumours N Facts


I’m from Brunei Darussalam. My question is, a friend of my inquiry regarding the prolong usage of Dr Tron can have a bad effect upon our body cells and fragile of bone……

It is funny how “advice” can strike fear, doubts and other negative emotions in people…. Johan, my word of advice to your friend – where did he/she hear it from? Is the source from someone who is an authority in bio-electric science? or it is from another lay person like us?

The fact is because of misinformation or ignorance, people of the Middle Ages through the 17th century thought the world was flat. Try claiming that now and you will be the laughing stock.

In short people are afraid of the unknown. We like to conjure up negative impressions or outcomes to justify why we should not be doing something out of the ordinary or status quo. Even when the status quo,  is sometimes detrimental to oneself.

So this is what I do when I am being told that I should not be doing something because something bad might happen in the future. Other than the obvious (such as do not rob the bank or else the cops are gonna come after you), I would ask some golden questions that every kid knows – WHY? HOW? WHAT? WHEN?

If the answer satisfies me, then well I might consider the advice. Else, if I want to do it real bad, I will ask for references to the source of information for me to study further. I never take any form of information at face value. It  takes more effort to understand something than to brush off something by hearing a baseless statement.

In your case, Johan let us look into some facts (and yes let your friend know as well),

As for bad effect on the cells (I take it as killing, damaging, mutating the cells), you can read up in the book  The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life to first understand the electrical properties of our cells. You will find out what role does bio-electricity play in our body functions and how important it is.

In a nutshell, cells have electrical charges to enable it to perform its functions. A healthy cell has charges of 70mV. A sickly cell 40mV. Cancerous cells have only 20mV.

So how did your friend come to the conclusion that Dr Tron has bad effect on the cells is beyond me. Because I know thousands of every other thing are affecting and lowering my bio-electrical charge and we are still using it daily willingly.

As of now my keyboard on my laptop is emitting its electromagnetic radiation to my hands, and I am surrounded by a blanket of microwave radiation from WIFI devices and my handphone is ringing. So, we might not die like tomorrow from using  these devices as we have tens of years of life before the damage accumulates and sets in.

So what is there to fear in Dr Tron? If it is really damaging, it’s gonna take tens of years before the actual damage sets in! The truth is Dr. TRON does not work that way. It is a physio-therapeutic machine approved by the Ministry of Health in Japan for treatment of headaches, insomnia, constipation and body aches. It is safe from side effects. There is a whole load of books written in Japanese, Korean and Chinese on this subject and its benefit to human health.

The therapy that Dr Tron does is known as bio-electric potential therapy or in simpler terms – electron bath. Bathing we we all do cleans our body from grime and what nots, an electron bath charges and balances our cells electrical levels to its optimum while we sit or sleep on it. After we finish the treatment, our body’s electrical charges gradually comes back to its normal state which varies from individual to individual much like bathing, we do not stay clean throughout the day or night after bathing.. we get dirty gradually from the activities we do.

By “charging” ourselves with Dr Tron everyday, we are actually maintaining our cells bio-electric levels and prevent it from deteriorating. Much like taking a bath everyday to keep clean and from infection. Just imagine if you bath only once in a month.. you will smell even if you bath.

On the second part of your question about Dr Tron affecting our bones’ density, do you understand why we get osteoporosis.

In layman terms, osteoporosis is caused by bones being too brittle where the bone’s density is low. A person is a candidate for osteoporosis if the bone density reaches below – 2.5 SD.  Osteopenia (beginning stage) starts at <1.0SD.

So why the bones become too brittle? Simply because calcium is lacking (you can find out more about osteoporosis in the Web). But why is it lacking?

Do you know that in order for the body to maintain its alkalinity at pH 7.33 – 7.4 (pH buffer) calcium plays a role as well? So if a body is too acidic, our brain will send instructions to extract calcium to balance the acid/alkaline level. So where does these calcium come from? Our bones! the largest reserve of calcium. So the conclusion here is – if you are have an acidic body you are at risk of “fragile bones”.

So Johan, I hope you know what Dr Tron does –  Purification of the blood. But how?

Some doctors say that Dr Tron promotes osteoporosis this is because they justify that Dr Tron actually encourages extraction of calcium from our bones to purify the blood thus resulting in osteoporosis. UNTRUE!

Dr Tron actually encourages the potassium and calcium transport exchange in our body cells to help improve on the pH buffering function. When potassium ions go in the cells, the cells can produce more energy to function. When calcium ions comes out from the cells it can help in pH buffering. This happens whether you are on Dr Tron or not. It’s just that with Dr TRON the cells are functioning at its optimum!

So Johan, you have my explanation in simple terms. I can go on forever but I think I’ll end here … for now…but i hope it helps clear some air.

My advice to all is… OPEN UP YOUR MIND!

Especially in the world of wellness. I know there is a lot of hoaxes pulled off by unscrupulous people or companies promising the ultimate solution to all health problems. These in turn gave a bad impression to genuine alternative therapies. But then again should we place all our trust on conventional medicine? Does it have its shortfall?

How is the healing crisis of taking a nutritional supplement compares to the side effects of medication? The former is more immediate and scares off the person consuming it. The latter takes tens of years to develop and people actually do not care about it, they think that by the time the side effects sets in they are already dead, which is also true, they died because of the side effect! How ironic!

Open up our minds! I do not deny the right to question but I beg you to exercise your right to THINK! Look at both sides of the coin.

Outright rejection of alternative therapies or nutritional supplement does not benefit you in any way but understanding of it at least has the benefit of knowing. Trying it gives the body a chance of recovery, if it does not work out, at least there is no toxic residue in the body unlike medication. So what’s there to lose except for some $$$ (when I am sure you’ll fork out only when you are convinced that it helps).

Well that’s really all of it… and thanks to Johan for bringing the writer in me OUT again!! I have left this blog for too long!!!!

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