Self Worth = Bank/Net Worth?

I came across various articles yesterday and today about the rising of suicides amongst the super rich.

That got me thinking. Are they really SUPER RICH? Rich in what sense? $? Numbers? or self-worth?

Could they by having more sense of self worth saved themselves? Easier said than done especially  with the enormous massive stress of debts facing you. Most of us will not or could not experience what they have gone through.

Having said that, I am thankful that I am owing peanuts to the bank as opposed to these ex-tycoons.

In my stage of life now, sometimes I do face with short of cash situations. I deal with it  by adjusting my lifestyle immediately by giving up luxuries ( i still consider going to Starbucks for a grande black coffee a luxury) while finding means to get myself out of the situation as fast as possible so that I can … get back to drinking Starbucks again.

Maybe we are our own worst enemy. Unwilling to let go, shame, unwilling to admit one’s mistake is what I consider some of the bad traits of human beings. Look what shame did to these ex-tycoons.

I pray hard that if the same situation where to happen to me,  I can muster all the courage to take it in the face and move on with life. Like the saying goes – If there is a will, there’s a way.  Maybe these ex-tycoons forgot  about this simple saying or they have lost their will to live.

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