5+1 ways to BEAT Sress

Stress. A word on everyone’s lips in almost every minute of everyday. Outrageously positive people are not affected by it though OR they dare not admit it then suffer a burnout eventually.

Different people has different response to stress. Some like to lay back. Some go for more action orientated activities. Some just sleep it off (although I do not have that privilege.. the more I sleep the more tired I get…but I love to sleep.)

To the point. How to beat stress then? This is for people out there who has tried various methods and are just looking into more options.

Before…the 5+1 ways you should already consider to


Before that, let’s delve into some bio-chemistry. When the body is stressed, it releases much cortisol from the adrenal glands ( just above the kidneys) to cope with it. In prehistoric times, the only time cortisol is produce by the body is when a caveman is chased by a saber toothed tiger! But in modern times, cortisol production of the body is at a all time high! Why?

Pollution, free radicals, radiation, datelines, traffic jams, your spouse?, bosses are all forms of modern time saber tooth tigers. But unlike the caveman they use up the cortisol by running away for his dear life. Do you remember running away from your boss when he drilled you for a job not done well? Get the point?

Cortisol not used by the body becomes destructive to the body, giving rise to inflammation and in the long run if kept unchecked various illnesses crop up, like cancer for example. Do you know that the history of cancer in the royal family in Japan is due to chronic stress?

So what’s the trick here?

We will keep it simple here. We will flank this stress thing from both side. Left jab and right hook then it’s down for good.

Left jab = Control cortisol levels

Right hook = Increases endorphin production

Let’s begin with the 5+1 ways to beat the hell out of


#1 Breathing Exercise

Take a breather. Breathing exercise requires concentration. Concentrate on your breathing. It will seem hard at first. You will find your mind drifting back to the problem but practice makes perfect.

How? When you inhale, expand your stomach area. Inhale for 4 seconds. Then exhale thru your mouth, make a little pout and exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat ten times. If you don’t feel better already, relax and repeat one more round.

Outcome : More stable frame of mind. Able to make more conscious and rational decision in response to the situation (in scientific terms, the opposite is called amydala hijack).

Hey, this works when your blood pressure gets too high too!

Word of caution! In situations when you are in a heated argument. Do the opposite. Exhale then inhale. I am afraid if you inhale first you might hold it for too long and release the carbon dioxide in a explosion with expletive added. J

#2 Have a drink

Yey! You heard it right… go for a drink…any drink … responsibly.

Recommended drinks …

English tea, chamomile tea, green tea – antioxidants to reduce the free radicals.

Ginseng tea – Oriental way to de-stress and strengthen your body systems

Cocoa – the best food drug is chocolate, if you can’t eat ‘em, drink ‘em

Red wine – Get the kick of holding the wine glass elegantly and its heart healthy too!

and for you guys out there … BEER! – Cheers!

For this to work, drinking is not enough. Remember drinking alone makes Jack a dull boy. Invite friends! You need to talk and ramble to keep your mind off things.

Take care though, different partners require different topics… do not make the mistake of off loading your anger and troubles on another person…save them your woes.

Like a Bushism saying goes “There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” – do that and your friend would be happy to reject your invitation.

Recommended topics for different relationships

Ex school mate – Old times, your life vs theirs, gossip of other ex school mates

Colleague – about that ignorant superior, about other colleagues, about other departments, other silly stuff

Boss? – about the marketing strategy?

Pub buddies – men and women issues.

Life partner, spouse – Your next holiday, the children

Your pet dog – Talk, talk, talk, it will lick you then yawn and sleep on your lap.

Evil? I know. What the hell you need to beat stress don’t you?

Remember DRINK responsibly.

#3 Self-Hypnosis

Tried and tested way with lots of evidence to back it up.

If you have not tried it before, take up a 3 day retreat course in it. Learn once and use it for life. Normally you can look it up in courses teaching NLP or EQ.

Buy a CD with sounds of nature like chirping of birds in the forest, streaming water with relaxing tones. Locked yourself up in a room, asked not to be disturbed for the next 30 minutes. Turn up the stereo. Volume to your liking. Close your eyes. Do the breathing exercise while relaxing your neck and shoulder. Just let yourself slum or you can sleep through it. Imagine yourself in that natural spot. Create a mental picture of the landscape. The greens. The crisp air. The gentle wind. Relax. Feel the healing energy of nature coursing down on you starting form the head slowly moving downwards to your very toes. If you have certain conditions like heart problems let the healing energy stay there for a while longer, acknowledging that it is being healed by the energy and it will get well soon. Relax. Be mindful of the breathing. If it lapses don’t fuss about it. Let your natural self take its course. At the end of the music, before you open your eyes spend some time by reminding yourself that you are grateful for what life has given you, give thanks to your Creator, spread your love to those around you. Open your eyes. Smile.

Alright you get the mental picture of it? If not, go for a retreat or course, the experience will stick to you forever.

Sounds too time consuming? Or even weird? Then you need other forms of self-hypnosis. I call it the SELF DENIAL METHOD FOR MODERN PEOPLE. Not in this post though. Will post it later. Stay tuned.

#4 Sex

From where I come from it is still a taboo to speak of it openly. I am from the modern thinking side of the society though.

First for some bio-chemistry, do you know why we feel better after exercise or a good laugh? A chemical known as endorphins is released by our brain into the bloodstream and this gives rise to feeling of happiness!! It’s known as the happy hormone!

And do you know when this hormone is released at its most? When you hit ORGASM! You heard it right, that great relief feeling you get and that shudder that comes after it, is pure primal satisfaction! Works for a quickie too!

Of course it takes two hands to clap. Satisfying one without another is no fun. Experiment what the other likes, what makes, then give and ye shall receive.

Don’t get naughty ideas though. I am in all support for one guy, one partner relationship. No hanky panky. But then again it’s your life. But remember, RUBBER FIRST! J

#5 Sauna

Got some money to spare? Pamper yourself then to a spa retreat. Relax and unwind as the masseur untie the knots in your muscles. Smell the invigorating aroma from various flower essence.

But before that, do an endorphin releasing stuff. A secret so well kept that many do it half heartedly and some even avoid it to go to the next room full of steam! You are right! The sauna! The Pandora Box of Endorphin Release!

The heat in the room is actually far infrared rays (FIR), and FIR has been studied so extensively that conventional medicine now acknowledges its usage in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Main benefits of FIR are increasing micro-circulation, removal of toxins through sweat glands and relaxation.

It has been studied that FIR can mimic the effects of endorphin release similar to swimming. Hence it’s nickname ‘Happy Rays’.

The only downside to conventional saunas is that you are in a room full of heat. Oxygen is low and is not for those with a weak heart. So it is recommended that you look for a FIR sauna system that uses proprietary technology like ceramic semi conductors or ceramic panels that emits 4~14 micron of FIR for maximum health benefits.

I personally prefer the portable sauna though. Although you look like an ancient time criminal with the head jutting out of a box, it beats sitting in a stuffy small space anytime.

# +1

Get off your couch and Exercise!!!!!

Exercise = Sweat + Tired + Feeling good + Muscle ache and growth – Stress – Toxins

Unfortunately for the modern lifestyle, exercise has to take the backseat as we go around attending more urgent matters.

NO TIME… is the #1 excuse on the billboard. But does exercise really take that much time? Many tend to think so. When they think of exercise, running on treadmills for hours on end, going to the gym for classes, comes to mind. The truth is, exercise if done efficiently takes only 12 minutes of your time per day!

You read it right! 12 minutes! Don’t you have 12 minutes to spare in the morning, afternoon or evening? I wager if you have not been exercising those 12 minutes was spent on the couch with eyes fixated on the television.

This 12 minutes regimen I am suggesting can be done in the comfort of your home with no fancy equipment at all! Put your body to good use! That’s right, bodyweight exercises! There is loads of tips right off the Net that you can apply straight away. The only commitment here is ACTION everyday!

And you know what? Exercise improves your health physically and sexually too!

For more on bodyweight exercise, please visit this post.

Well…till next….happy beating stress at its own game!


Top 3 mistakes to 6-pack abs..

If you truly want to get six pack abs, this is the most important report you’ll ever read. Topping the list of your fitness goals at the moment is likely getting a sleek, sexy set of six pack abs. Six pack abs are one thing that almost everyone covets to some degree as they are great indication you are in fantastic shape and are doing everything you can to take care of your body through regular exercise and a sound diet plan. Unfortunately, many people go about trying to obtain six pack abs in all the wrong way, which leads to lack of results, frustration, and potentially even them giving up entirely. By making yourself aware of the top six pack ab mistakes you know you are putting your best step forward to maximizing your time and achieving results. So, let’s get right to it with the top 3 mistake you don’t want to be making.

Six Pack Ab Mistake #1: Relying on Crunches To Deliver Results

Think you’re going to get defined abs by spending countless hours on the abdominal mat? If so, you’d better think again. Doing abdominal strengthening and core exercises will be important for helping to prevent injuries and shaping the muscles themselves, but if you aren’t doing anything to remove the padding off the top of the muscles, you aren’t going to see them. A set of visible six pack abs is going to be a combination of low body fat levels along with nicely developed muscles. Luckily for you, you were already born with six pack abs, it’s just that as time went on, you built up a protective coating on top of them. Now, your focus needs to be removing that layer to reveal the muscles that are already there. While some people might want to actually focus on making the ab muscles larger (those going for a more bulky, muscular appearance), most others will be fine actually just maintaining their ab muscles. Since the ab muscles are worked in almost all the main core lifts you do as helper muscles, you will actually require very little specific abdominal work to shape these muscles. Furthermore, with the actual abdominal work you do do, crunches actually offer minimal stimulation of the abdominal core, making them a poor choice to begin with. You’re much better off doing dynamic types of exercise that utilize a larger range of motion such as crunches on the ball, hanging leg raises, or variations on the plank exercise. These will stimulate more muscle fibers at once, giving you better results for your time invested. So, keep this point in mind. Crunches should have their place in your six pack ab training program, but they in no way should encompass it entirely. The factors of a proper strength training program and a good diet are going to play a much more predominant role in your succeeding on your quest for six pack abs.

Six Pack Ab Mistake #2: Relying Too Much On Cardio

Finally, rounding out our top mistakes that people make when going about their six pack ab program is relying too much on cardio. If you ask the vast majority of people what they think they should do to lose fat and get six pack abs, most of them will state they need to spend more time doing cardio. This is clearly proved obvious if you ever walk into a gym during the rush hour time and find that almost all the cardio machines are completely booked up while the free weight section contains considerably less people. When it comes to fat loss, cardio seems to consensus on the best way to go about doing things. And this is true – to an extent. Cardio will burn a good amount of calories, minute per minute. For example, you might burn 2 calories a minute sitting on the couch, but hop on that treadmill and get going at a good pace and you’ll up your calorie burn to 7-12 calories per minute depending on the intensity and your current body weight. You can see how this would help with fat loss. But, what you need to keep in mind here is long-term calorie burning potential. The problem with cardio is that after that session is done, you’re back to burning those measly 2 calories per minute. That isn’t going to get you very far in terms of total fat loss. Now, when you compare this to weight training, you may burn a few less calories during the session (although this entirely depends on the intensity of the session; some weight training sessions will far surpass cardio training in terms of calorie burn), but after that session is done, your body is still going to be burning calories at a higher rate. So, for instance, now instead of burning 2 calories a minute, you’re burning 3 over the next three hours. Well, three times sixty minutes per hour times three hours is a heck of a lot of calories that will help with further fat loss. Not only that, but over time as you build more muscle tissue, that muscle tissue will require more calories 24 hours a day, not just while you are working out and in the short time period afterwards. Therefore, as far as your long term calorie burning potential is concerned, weight training is much more effective than cardio training. So, keep that in mind. Cardio has its place, but weight training needs to be a priority. A properly balanced program is what will help you achieve the best results possible.

Six Pack Ab Mistake #3: Using a Super Low Calorie Intake

Figure starvation diets are the best way to get six pack abs in a hurry? Once again, this is a very huge misperception. You often hear about these miracle diets that promise that you’ll lose 10 pounds in just a few short days provided you consume nothing more than water with lemon juice sprinkled with a bit of cayenne pepper and some maple syrup (or some other concoction that isn’t going to provide much more than 500 calories per day). While these super low calorie diets will cause you to lose weight fast, realize that this weight loss is not body fat. Rather it’s stored muscle glycogen, water weight, and if anything muscle tissue. And, guess what body tissue burns the most calories at rest? If you said muscle, give yourself a pat on the back – well done. So, when you go on these starvation diets, you’re burning up precious muscle tissue – muscle tissue that is actually your best defense in the war against belly fat. Without that muscle on your body, you will find that your metabolism slows down, making it even harder to lose weight. What’s more is that on very low calorie diets, the metabolism is going to come to a screeching halt. Your body is not stupid and it realizes what’s going on – it isn’t getting any food! Because of this, it will slow down all the processes that go on during the day, trying it’s best to conserve energy (after all, your body doesn’t want to die, so it’s protects itself against starvation very effectively). With this slowed metabolism now, once you come off that starvation diet (because let’s face it, how long can you really last on something like that?), you’re going to gain all the weight you lost back, plus likely more because now you’re not burning nearly as many calories a day just to maintain your weight. So, now you’ve lost muscle tissue, gained back fat tissue in its place and have effectively backtracked in your progress and are worse off. As you can see, starvation diets are a very, very bad thing. While you do need to lower your calorie intake to see results, you should never lower it too far. This will not yield positive results. Generally you should consume no fewer than your body weight in pounds times a factor of ten (so a 150 pound person should consume no fewer than (10 X 150 pounds) 1500 calories each day. This will safeguard you from experiencing this metabolic slowdown that destroys your progress. Definition of insanity: doing the same things over and over again… while expecting different – and improved – results. This is the case for 99% of the people out there trying to get a set of killer six pack abs. Isn’t it time you tried something new? Something valid… something that will really, once and for all, get results? Ask yourself why nothing you’ve tried has worked all that well. The answer is misinformation. It’s time to change all that. It’s time to finally start working toward the six pack abs of your dreams. Working hard… and most of all, working smart. Because anything less than smart is a waste of time and sweat. Without smart, that sack of flour around your waist isn’t going anywhere.

A Few Words about the Truth

Allow me to say right here that this isn’t a pitch for one of those “no effort” miracle solutions for developing your abs. I am not talking about pills or miracle diets or some contraption sold on late night informercials. There’s too much of that out there, and all of it is pure bull. It takes time and effort to develop a set of six pack abs… when it comes to improving your physique, hard work is always part of any process that actually works. So if you’re looking for an easy fix… see ya later, and good luck to you. You’ll need it. No, we’re betting that you’re a lot smarter than that. That you’re willing to put in the time and effort required to get what you want out of life. So instead, this message is about getting more out of your hard work than ever before. About eliminating the bull and the misinformation from the process of developing your body. About focusing your efforts on proven principles that, when done properly, absolutely cannot fail.

You wouldn’t try to heal a serious medical condition with myths, lies and misinformation. That’s just ludicrous, and probably dangerous.

No, you’d educate yourself on the underlying biochemical principles, and then execute procedures and protocols that have proven successful. There would be no “bull” involved whatsoever. Then why do you continue to do all the wrong things when it comes to shredding your abs? Wouldn’t you like to learn the truth about how to shred your abs to a degree than even you would be amazed? Newsflash: that’s a question of biochemistry, too. Changing your body – whether it’s ridding it of disease, healing an injury, or carving off the fat from your mid-section – is always a biochemical proposition. And until you understand it, and how to work with it, your six pack will continue to look more like a keg.

For more information,log in to:


More exercise … less excuses…

Edward is preaching … do weight exercise … 15 minutes a day … no weights? no prob, just use the lard attached to yr body (abv the waist). 11:25am
that was my little piece of advice on Facebook some time back….
I am all for exercising on a daily basis….

I am a fan of weight exercise.. i did it and put on the weight that i need and people say i look much better than the skinny frame i was years back…  imagine .. 55kg to 65kg… not good news for those trying to lower their weight .. the good news? it works the other way round to!!! It all boils down to hyper charging your metabolism and your diet… for me it’s the metabolism of protein and carbs that i need… for others might be the metabolism of fats (which can be converted to energy when the body needs it)
Did you know that weight exercises can actually hype up your body’s metabolism for 48 hours as opposed to aerobics exercise which ends approximately the time you stop? So i guess that was all the incentive i need to get my ass off the bed and exercise every other morning. ( although i admit that i have actually lapse in the last two months…. i blame in on indiscipline and poor year end sales result)

When we think about weight exercise … machines comes to mind … bar bells, dumb bells, clanging of metals come to mind… not to mention sweaty muscular behemoths grunting out every lap…. standing in front of the mirror flexing muscles ( although you can catch once in a while someone squeezing that pimple)… but do you know you can squeeze out a decent workout at the park or even at your home? Here comes – BODYWEIGHT exercise
I believe that exercises is not limited to the gym… you do not need state of the art machines to get you in shape in fact the best shapes can come from free weights ( bar bells, dumb bells or even a container filled with sand or water) and challenging body weight exercise, hence the lard growing quietly on your body can actually be put to good use.. Believe me.. the more you use the lard, the more you lose it. 🙂
Below is a challenging body exercise sample which I am currently on now … managed to finished 1 perfect round.. 2nd round was shaky… i would like to add in the chin ups though….
Start with a 2-3 min warmup of light jogging, jumping jacks, or  jump rope.
Then, move through these exercises in circuit fashion, one right after the other with only 10 seconds rest between each (repeat the circuit 3-5 times for a killer total body workout):
1.bodyweight squats – 12reps
2. plyo pushups (clapping) – 10 reps
3. walking lunges up to 6 steps and back 6 steps
4.floor mountain climbers for 30 seconds
5.lunge jumps – 6 reps to each side
6.lying leg thrusts (abs) on floor – 12 reps
7.squat jumps – 8 reps
8. side plank hold 30 seconds one side, then 30 sec opposite side
Rest 2 minutes after each circuit; repeat circuit 3-5x

Hey till next… keep exercising, keep fit….

p.s. any wieght exercise tips you wanna share? Just mail me, i’ll be glad to put it up on my blog….



Vanity comes in many form …. not the best body yet… will do for now…:) comments?