Electrical Properties of cancer cells.


Besides nutrition, electrical charges also play an important role in the metabolism, function, and nutrient-toxins transport of a cell.

In a nutshell – healthy cells has electric charge of 70~80mv

unhealthy / sick cells – 30~40mv

cancer cells survive on <20mv

Go to the above link for more in depth understanding of the electrical properties of our body.

This information might suggest that Dr. TRON therapy might be effective in cancer prevention if used on a daily basis.

Dr. TRON charges our body with 5500v-9000v of positive:negative potential and enhances our cell’s electrical charge to levels of 70mv.  Of course this effects ends when we stop the treatment but microcirculation tests shows that it can at least last around 30 minutes by gradually decreasing. So daily use is recommended.

More posts on electric and cancer cells to come… only if I can find that piece of document hidden somewhere in my storeroom which is also my room..:)


Dr. TRON – An General Introduction

Professor Masayuki Matsumoto once stated: ‘Blood is the foundation of health as acidic and sluggish blood is the cause of various disease’. Numerous diseases can be detected from blood tests. Purification of acidic blood can be the therapy to prevent against chronic diseases and promote wellness.

Bio-Electron Potential Therapy was first introduced in Japan as an advanced technology that can effectively convert acidic state blood to weak alkaline (pH7.4) using a non-invasive method.

With the patient in the insulated state, Dr. TRON, a bio-electron potential therapy medical equipment, produces positive:negative potential of 5500-9000 voltage throughout the body of patient via a electric pad. Although it is high in voltage but it is low in current, therefore it does not produces any effects of an electrical shock. (You do not even feel the electric passing through but the people around you which is not insulated cannot come in contact with you whlist they feel the static discharge. *spark*)

Through the increase in the body’s electrical charge, sodium ions (Na+) and calcium ions (Ca2=) within cells will enter the extra cellular fluid (blood); Conversely, potassium ions (K+) and magnesium ions (Mg2+) retained in the blood will diffuse back into cells to regulate balance of electrolytes inside and outside the cells (potassium-sodium transport). This results in the calcium ions regulating the blood to be maintained at pH7.33 ~ 7.4, mild alkaline, excess sodium is not retained in cells and is prepared for removal from the body, and the cells’ ATP production is enhanced or increased with the increase of potassium.

Dr. TRON, Bio-Electron Potential Therapy Medical Equipment is approved by the Ministry of Health of Japan as a medical equipment bearing the No. (61B) 1738. It also conform to ISO 9001 and 13485 standards.

Dr. TRON is supported and recommended by over 6000 doctors in Japan. It is registered as being effective for headaches, body aches, insomnia and constipations.

Records of testimonies in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia indicates that it might also work for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, uric acid, heart disease, stroke (as physiotherapy), other illnesses, as well as for prevention.

This is a general write up on Dr. TRON, for more information, supporting research or studies, my views please come back again to this post for updates.

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