Meat or Veggie? Your choice!

Are you a vegetarian? Are you a meat lover?

I am both. And if you are me, we are classified as omnivore.

Fancy thinking that the way we eat will lead us towards a healthy life free of illness. How ignorant can we be. As humans we are creatures of habits. Giving up meat!? Are you crazy!? I would starve half way through the day! You will fall ill and develop muscular degenerative disease without meat! My uncle died because he didn’t take meat.. the doctor said so… and loads and tons of, what I call, excuses.

Consider these facts below (the protein referred in these cases are casein protein)..

In an experiment involving liver cancer and protein consumption in two groups of laboratory rats. One group was given AF (aflatoxin, fungus produced carcinogen) and then fed with 20% protein. The second group was given the same level of AF and then fed diets containing only 5% protein. Every single rat fed 20% protein got liver cancer or its precursor lesions, but not a single animal fed a 5% protein diet got liver cancer or its precursor lesions. It was not a trivial difference; it was 100% versus 0%.

In another study, it was observed that foci development was almost entirely dependent on how much protein was consumed, regardless of how much aflatoxin was consumed.

Foci are precursor clusters of cells that grow into tumors. Although most foci do not become full-blown tumor cells, they are predictive of tumor development.

By watching foci develop and measuring how many there are and how big they become, they were able to indirectly learn how tumors also develop and what effect protein might have.

To add more weight to the theory that protein is the determinant in cancer growth, two groups of rats was given different doses of aflatoxin. The high-aflatoxin dose group was given low-protein diet and the low-aflatoxin toxin group was given high-protein diet. The results were remarkable!

Animals starting with the most cancer initiation (high-aflatoxin dose) developed substantially less foci when fed the 5% protein diet. In contrast, animals initiated with a
low-aflatoxin dose actually produced substantially more foci when subsequently fed the 20% protein diet.

The study was taken a step further by setting up a step-by-step sequence of experiment. All animals were dosed with the same amount of carcinogen, then alternatively fed either 5% to 20% dietary protein during the twelve-week promotion stage. This twelve-week promotion stage was divide into four periods of three weeks each. Period 1
represents weeks one to three, period 2 represents weeks four to six, and so on.

When animals were fed the 20% protein diet during periods 1 and 2 (20-20), foci continued to enlarge, as expected. But when animals were switched to the low-protein diet at the beginning of period 3 (20-20-5),there was a sharp decrease in foci development. And, when animals were subsequently switched back to the 20% protein diet during period 4 (20-20-5-20), foci development was turned on once again.

Several experiments were done simultaneously and they found that foci growth could be reversed, up and down, by switching the amount of protein being consumed, and at all stages of foci development.

The next question that you might be asking is, plants have protein too especially soy. Should I avoid that too?

In the experiments, the protein used was casein protein, which makes up 87%of cow’s milk protein. In another study, plant protein did not promote cancer growth even at higher
levels of intake. Gluten, protein of wheat, did not produce the same result as casein, even when fed the same 20% level! Soy protein diets also produced the same plant protein results.

Thank God for the China Study. People who read this book could look forward to better understanding of nutrition and how conventional medicine might not be the first choice when it comes to preserving your health. I am particularly taken in by the amount of effort put into this study that aims to prove that you can be healthy by eating the way you are supposed to.

I, for one, am changing to more veggies and whole food (whole food does not mean eating the whole chicken) and less on meat especially during dinner. Go get the book. It’s costs like RM61.00 but what it is about to reveal to you might save the life of you and your loved ones.

On another note … “Veggies are so boring. So tasteless.” If you are this type…. Go out and try some dishes from organic shops around your neighborhood, you will surely discover that natural plant based food can be tasty and adventurous at the same time. Remember though, if the dish comes out bland, it is the problem with the cook not the veggies…


Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

I know it seems almost silly to have a recipe for boiled eggs, but I have found that many people boil their eggs for too long, decreasing the quality of protein and fat that properly cooked and raw eggs provide.

Here’s how to boil an egg to preserve as much of its health benefits as possible:

Place your eggs in a pot and add enough cold water to completely cover eggs. Allow this pot to sit on medium to medium-high heat until the water is just ready to boil. At this point, put a lid on the pot and take it off the heat completely, allowing it to rest on a part of your stove that is at room temperature. After 15 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm or room temperature water and peel. Voila – tasty and nutritious semi-hard boiled eggs!

Edward’s Take

That’s how I prepare my eggs. I was informed about this method two years back and I thought ..ohmygosh the wasted nutrition in the eggs that I have been eaten way back. I shared this way of preparing eggs in my health seminar. At first I was skeptical if it would be well received because it goes against the status quo of preparing eggs. Hey! The response was fantastic!!

The theory is that if you boil your water first and then put in the eggs.. the nutrition in the eggs will be SHOCKED and thus changes the egg’s nutrition chemical compounds… it’s just like turning on the shower and suddenly steamy hot water comes out, you go into a shock reflex mode.

Sure this method takes time for the eggs to go from liquid to hard boiled but nothing beats getting your money’s worth of nutrition.(I take my eggs half boiled with the egg yolk intact, because there is where all the nutrition is!)

Also remember buy Organic or free range eggs often. These eggs are of better quality unlike farmed eggs which is produced under stressful conditions of sick battery chickens.

Enjoy your eggs!

More exercise … less excuses…

Edward is preaching … do weight exercise … 15 minutes a day … no weights? no prob, just use the lard attached to yr body (abv the waist). 11:25am
that was my little piece of advice on Facebook some time back….
I am all for exercising on a daily basis….

I am a fan of weight exercise.. i did it and put on the weight that i need and people say i look much better than the skinny frame i was years back…  imagine .. 55kg to 65kg… not good news for those trying to lower their weight .. the good news? it works the other way round to!!! It all boils down to hyper charging your metabolism and your diet… for me it’s the metabolism of protein and carbs that i need… for others might be the metabolism of fats (which can be converted to energy when the body needs it)
Did you know that weight exercises can actually hype up your body’s metabolism for 48 hours as opposed to aerobics exercise which ends approximately the time you stop? So i guess that was all the incentive i need to get my ass off the bed and exercise every other morning. ( although i admit that i have actually lapse in the last two months…. i blame in on indiscipline and poor year end sales result)

When we think about weight exercise … machines comes to mind … bar bells, dumb bells, clanging of metals come to mind… not to mention sweaty muscular behemoths grunting out every lap…. standing in front of the mirror flexing muscles ( although you can catch once in a while someone squeezing that pimple)… but do you know you can squeeze out a decent workout at the park or even at your home? Here comes – BODYWEIGHT exercise
I believe that exercises is not limited to the gym… you do not need state of the art machines to get you in shape in fact the best shapes can come from free weights ( bar bells, dumb bells or even a container filled with sand or water) and challenging body weight exercise, hence the lard growing quietly on your body can actually be put to good use.. Believe me.. the more you use the lard, the more you lose it. 🙂
Below is a challenging body exercise sample which I am currently on now … managed to finished 1 perfect round.. 2nd round was shaky… i would like to add in the chin ups though….
Start with a 2-3 min warmup of light jogging, jumping jacks, or  jump rope.
Then, move through these exercises in circuit fashion, one right after the other with only 10 seconds rest between each (repeat the circuit 3-5 times for a killer total body workout):
1.bodyweight squats – 12reps
2. plyo pushups (clapping) – 10 reps
3. walking lunges up to 6 steps and back 6 steps
4.floor mountain climbers for 30 seconds
5.lunge jumps – 6 reps to each side
6.lying leg thrusts (abs) on floor – 12 reps
7.squat jumps – 8 reps
8. side plank hold 30 seconds one side, then 30 sec opposite side
Rest 2 minutes after each circuit; repeat circuit 3-5x

Hey till next… keep exercising, keep fit….

p.s. any wieght exercise tips you wanna share? Just mail me, i’ll be glad to put it up on my blog….


Vanity comes in many form …. not the best body yet… will do for now…:) comments?