Metabolic Syndrome – Random facts from The Insulin-Resistance Diet book

To those of you who have been following my post on metabolic syndrome… here are few important facts i got from ‘The Insulin-resistance Diet – Cheryle R. Hart, MD & Mary Kay Grossman, RD’.


These facts are important for us to understand metabolic syndrome better and why it affects most modern people.

1. The hormone insulin is the important regulator of your blood glucose levels.

2. If you have more glucose in your body than your cells need, insulin takes extra blood glucose and transports it into fat storage. Blood sugar then returns to normal. This step is important because having high levels of blood glucose is called diabetes and is very damaging to the body.

3. So, insulin’s main job is to regulate blood glucose, and insulin also signals fat storage. When insulin rises and spikes to regulate high blood sugar levels, then more fat is also being stored. This creates some pros and cons when it comes to insulin levels; not enough insulin to regulate high blood sugar levels would result in diabetes, but high insulin levels on a frequent basis will make you fat.

4. The more overwieght your are, the more resistgant to insulin you tend to become. this happens because extra adipose tissue (fat) causes a hormone reaction ( a rise in body cortisol ) that closes the cells’ doors to incoming glucose. The “shunned” glucose has no alternative but to go on to become fat. The good news is that as you lose body fat, the insulin resistance improves, too.

5. If you have insulin resistance, you tend to store most carbohydrates as fat rather than use them as energy. This is probably what has been happening if you’ve been eating low-fat, low-calorie, yet high-carbohydrate foods and are still struggling with your weight.

6. Too much insulin causes sodium retention, which leads to higher blood pressure.

7. Insulin resistance causes changes in blood lipids (dyslipidemia).

8. Insulin resistance can be considered prediabetes. In fact, studies reveal that diabetes is in the making seven years before it can be clinically diagnosed by high sugar levels.

9.The biological, genetic makeup of modern people very closely resembles that of our primitive Ice Age ancestors. Before modern age, the genetic tendency for insulin resistance was actually a benefit for survival. (back then, humans derived their complex carbohydrates from natural foods, modern humans derived their simple carbohydrates from refined foods.)

10. Certain medications can increase the amount of insulin your pancreas secretes. Some of the most common are the thiazide diuretics, like hydrochlorothiazide, and beta-blockers, such as propranolol. These medications are usually prescribed for high blood pressure control.

11. Caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and nicotine can all cause an increase in insulin.

12. High levels of stress can worsen insulin resistance because stress activates our “fight or flight” survival mechanism. This stimulates the production of the stress hormone epinephrine. Epinephrine causes the liver and muscles to change glucose from its reserved state, glycogen, to its active sugar form for energy. This causes the glucose levels to rise. Insulin rises to control high glucose levels. Increased insulin levels then signal fat storing. This explains why some really stressed people cannot lose unwanted weight despite “doing everything right.”

13. The two keys elements for the control of insulin resistance are nutrition and physical activity.

14. Newer prescription medications for diabetes work either by limiting the liver’s release of stored glucose or by letting more glucose into the cells for energy use. ( i prefer using Alpha PSP to encourage more glucose into the cells for energy conversion)

For more information on metabolic syndrome and diagnosing whether you have metabolic syndrome, click here.

For tips on how to combat metabolic syndrome, click here or read the book, ‘The Insulin-resistance Diet – Cheryle R. Hart, MD & Mary Kay Grossman, RD’.




Metabolic Syndrome also known as Syndrome X. But contracting Syndrome X does not make you a        member of the X-Men. It makes you more susceptible to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and host of other circulatory and metabolic conditions. To know more about metabolic syndrome, click here. Below are some tips that you can do right away and take charge of your health.

1) Exercise and losing  weight

Losing weight must be the primary aim for anyone with metabolic syndrome and exercising is the way to go. As metabolic syndrome is an effect of long term storage of unused energy as fat and insulin inefficiency, the trick here is to take charge of your food calorie intake and rev up your energy expenditure.

So the type of exercise I recommend is weight exercise. If you do not have weights or do not have the time to go to the gym, body weight exercise is a good alternative. Weight exercise gives you a raise in body metabolism for hours even after you are done with it. The good thing is the exercise takes you only 20-30 minutes, four days a week.

Basic weight exercise movements should help you in achieving your desired weight level. Try different variations of squats ( the best for revving up energy expenditure) and push ups. Also invest in a chin up bar and elastic band so that you can do your exercise at home. ( my advice is to invest in a personal trainer at your nearby gym or fitness center to learn the basics of weight exercise so that you do not hurt yourself while doing it with a wrong posture and as an encouragement for you to stay on track with your exercise regimen)

2) Reduce the Whites Get rid of the whites fast!

They are the next worst thing to the white powder drug addicts are addicted to.

White salt, White sugar, white rice, and white flour!

Bleached, refined and devoid of any natural nutrients (beware of the “fortified with Vitamin B stuff”… it does not work the way natural vitamins do). It is just an utter waste of money by just consuming them.

3) Try eating THIS way (challenge for Asians)

Go fruits first, then veggies, meat next, then rice. You will find that you will be consuming less simple carbohydrates in no time. Too much simple carbohydrates in your daily diet spikes your sugar level at an consistent rate then converts it to fat if not used, contributing to metabolic syndrome.

Consuming too much simple carbohydrates increases your body’s production of insulin. If the body develops insulin resistance as a result, consistently high sugar levels kicks in and eventually develops into diabetes mellitus.

4) Take care of your gut

The digestive system consumes most of the available energy we have if we are consuming the standard modern diet which is low on enzymes and fiber.

Charge up your digestive abilities by consuming more raw natural foods rich in enzymes or alternatively take enzymes supplements. Probiotics also promotes a healthier gut.

I also would like to point out the importance of repairing the villi of our small intestines. Most allergies can be traced to damaged villies, where larger particles of undigested proteins accidentally enters our bloodstream and results in allergies.

I recommend polysaccharidepolypeptide (Alpha-PSP) to promote the repair of the small intestines. Alpha PSP also provides the source of cell ATP energy production, encourage intestinal flora balance, promotes proper production of insulin and antioxidants in the body and within the cell for DNA protection.

5) Detoxification

Despite our best efforts to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible, we cannot avoid the massive amount of environmental toxins surrounding us. It’s everywhere. Studies suggest that your home’s interior is even more toxic than the outdoors! Even the clothes you wear are toxic. The shampoo you use contains a cocktail of toxic chemicals (unless you re using organic products). So what can we do about it?


Any kind of detox, as long as, it is safe and does not use drugs and chemicals to excite the body to remove the toxins. E.g laxative for constipation. There are so many options available, colon hydrotherapy, chelation, toxin removal foot plasters, detox spa bath, scrubs, and fiber supplements made from natural ingredients.

I recommend a FIR spa system to remove the fat soluble toxins from our body. Fat soluble toxins are generally toxic chemicals that we have contact with or consumed unknowingly(pesticides). If we were to discharge these toxins through our feces and urine it will damage our kidneys and liver in the long run. The safest route to eliminate these toxins are through our sweat glands from the lymphatic system.

The plus point is we can do this everyday, safely and it promotes cardiovascular conditioning and weight management too!

p.s. Look forward to your comments! 😉


WHY knowing WHAT metabolic syndrome is could

SAVE your life and dollars.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

A group of risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It includes abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, and low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. The metabolic syndrome is sometimes called the insulin resistance syndrome.

Signs and symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

To establish whether you are suffering from metabolic syndrome use the below, Education Program Adult Treatment Panel (ATP III), as a guideline. The presence of 3 out of 5 of the following measurements is necessary to identify the syndrome:

1. Waist measurement Men: Greater than 102 cms Women: Greater than 88 cms

2. Blood pressure greater than or equal to 130/85

3. Triglyceride levels greater than or equal to 1.7 mmol/l

4. Glucose level: greater than or equal to 6 mmol/l

5. HDL cholesterol

Men: less than or equal to 1.0 mmol
Women: less than or equal to 1.3 mmol/l

Consequences of metabolic syndrome

  1. Life long medication that serve to suppress the symptom rather than the cause of disease. In the end of it all, it gives you various side effects in forms of other complications as a bonus or parting gift.
  2. Bypass or angioplasty if you are lucky enough to be alive from an initial heart attack. The operation costs a bomb so make sure to have enough insurance coverage. (go to your local hospital to check out the price)
  3. Walking aid or a wheelchair (for added comfort?) if you are unlucky enough to get plaques in your brain vessels and got a stroke.
  4. Please be patient while waiting for dialysis and amputation if you are a diabetic and does nothing about it other than religiously taking your medication.
  5. You can never fit into those slick designer wear and look good.
  6. Who jabs himself everyday but is not a drug addict? An insulin-dependant diabetic!
  7. and the list goes on and on……

Question is : Do you want to live your life like that?

YES? Congratulations! You are an official elite member of the IGNORAMUS CLUB where 80% of the population of the world are also members. Pay up and get a lifetime supply of drugs. We guarantee that the drugs might not work and we may increase the dosage where it deems fit.

NO? Take charge of your life RIGHT NOW!

NEXT POST : How to beat the hell of out of Metabolic Syndrome! (only for those ready to do something about their health. Skeptics, don’t bother)

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