5 days 4 nights Free and Easy in Macau and Hong Kong

This is my itinerary on my Macau – Hong Kong trip. Just would like to share my experience. Feel free to use it as a guide.



Day One

Got sleepy on plane

Plane touches down in Macau @evening

Stayed @ Best Western Hotel Taipa (medium budget hotel), www.hoteltaipa.com

Walked towards Venetian – casino, shopping with international brands

Walked to Rua De Cunha, do visit the pastry shop to buy some souvenir, biscuits , barbeque meat and other food stuff.

Dinner …. supper @ hotel (tsk… the cup noodles has no chop stick in it, so I used the toothbrushes.


Day Two

Took bus from hotel to Macau island. Bus No. 33 if not mistaken.

Dropped off @ Macau Tourist Center. Take a map with you which is available @ the hotel lobby. Follow the road map. It is easy to use and historical locations are all numbered and marked. Just follow the road signs.

I did not managed to visit all the historical sites. As of the time of typing, I do not have the map in hand so I’ll skip the names of the historical places I have visited. But on a lighter note, there’s a wholesale toy shop beside the famous Cathedral ( pic 4 from left above) which sells Gundam models which is comparatively cheaper than Malaysia. Got 2 myself and some souvenirs for my friends there.

The walk towards the lighthouse took us around 30 minutes. We took the longer route across the gardens below it. Worth the walk because you can see the whole of Macau from the top.

Had lunch @ MacDonalds (back @ the Macau Tourist center). From where I come from there’s no pork burger!

Visited other historical site till evening before heading back to the hotel after dinner of course.


Day Three : Christmas Eve

Got a cab to the harbor @ Macau island. Got on the ferry. One hour’s ride to Tsim Hsia Tsui.

Got a cab to Dorsett Seaview Hotel. Medium budget hotel. Which is next to Tin Hau Temple, i guess. www.dorsettseaview.com.hk

Checked in, then proceeded to the subway. Bought our Octopus card, travelled to Central and walked towards the Peak Tram (around 10 minutes). If you are in HK during the peak season as I am be sure to get to the Peak Tram before 11 am because on our way back around 2pm there was this long, long line which I think would back you up for 1.5 hours at least before you get to the peak.

Got on the tram, arrived at the Peak, bought tickets to Madamme Tussauds, head to find lunch but got sidewayed by the EA Experience store, played the Wii system while my girlfriend fumes!

Had lunch @ a Chinese Restaurant @ the 3Rd Floor. (not filling, just look @ the pictures above, you’ll get my drift).

Proceeded to Madame Tussauds to load of photographs with celebrities. The Bush & shoe is one of my current favorite.

Got to Peak Watch. You can see HK from there. (I heard it’s even more beautiful @ night)

Back to hotel for a rest then headed to Temple Street for street shopping (got a camera stand there for HK$80, was it a steal?) and dinner (see the snail dish? it was my highlight meal, absolutely HORRIBLE, there was too many baby snail shells inside!)

Headed to Avenue of Stars, too many people, too crowded and major roads are closed. Got loads of photos and had to walk back to the hotel caused the subway is closed for return traffic. Had to walk along Nathan road (thank god for the choirs to entertain us), got lost for a while before reaching the hotel. Good night…….


Day Four: Christmas Day

Took the subway to Central and changed to Ngong Ping line. Walk to the Cable car (Ngong Ping 360).

Arrived at the Big Buddha Statue. You can pay for a ticket which inlcudes a vegetarian lunch at the ticket counter below the Buddha statue. The ticket allows you access to the exhibition center under the Buddha statue. The exhibits are crystal residues which is from the remains of cremation. A person is said to have attained the level of a deity if there are crystal residues after cremation. (Please correct me if I am wrong).

Had vegetarian lunch before heading back to the subway to take the Disney Line to DisneyLand. Disembarked at Disney station. Took some photos outside of the Disney gate. Planned to go back there someday.

Got the subway to Central and wlaked our way to the Mid-Levels Escalator. (the world’s longest). Accidentally found SOHO on the way. Had dinner there after being spoiled for dinner choices. We chose the cheapest alternative. Chicken Rice!!!!!

Then we headed to Lan Kwai Fong, the happening,entertainment and pub area. Got some photos and without any beer headed to the Landmark, an up-class shopping center with world’s famous brand. (went into Burberry to get some inspiration before heading out). the last photo is my girlfriend sitting along the pavement with the Filipinos.

Headed back to the hotel but not before getting some dirt-cheap beer to make up for lost beer @ Lan Kwai Fong. (I said dirt cheap in comparison to Malaysia prices)


Day Five

Got up later than planned. Had a HK stlye breakfast which consists of milk tea, ying yong, half boiled egg, polo bun, cheese noodle with turkey ham and toasted bread.

Headed to Sheung Wan. And got onto the tram, all the way to Causeway Bay.

Got down at Causeway Bay, and walk without any direction in particular until we reach the place I intended to visit, Times Square.

Time to go!! Got our Octopus card refund and headed back to the hotel to wait for the airport bus.

Got interviewed @ the airport and was gifted with a The PEAK pin for participating.

dsc04750 LET’S GO BACK!!!

As you can see I’ll never make it as a travel writer. Just hope that the above helps you as much as I enjoyed typing it.

Till next……happy holidays!!!


Macau – Hong Kong Christmas Holidays

What a holiday!

In my case, it was a superb experience because it was my first Free and Easy holiday. No coaches. No tour guides. Only armed with a map and some sense of direction. I must say it really opened me up to the trill of going on a holiday.

I am not a must-go-for-holidays-every-year kind of guy. I would rather stay home and sleep till noon or at most enjoy a cuppa @ the Cameron Highlands. But after the Hong Kong experience, I must admit I am looking forward to another free and easy holiday in 2009 (have to thank my girlfriend for it). Beijing, China maybe.

The excitement of the holiday began right from the preparation stage. Looking up the internet for info and maps and little arguments on where to go. Got to admit that we were pretty well prepared for the journey until a last minute hiccup nearly put us off track. (My girlfriend’s friend were supposed to be our host in Macau but got to back out due to family commitments, thank GOD for MACAU being a tourist-friendly place.)

Well here are my trip highlights.

1) Macau is so accessible by coaches. The tourist spots are very near each another and systematically marked on the map.

2) There are old 1000 notes that cannot be used in Macau/HK. Got a fright of my life as I changed most of these notes in Malaysia! So be sure to ask the money changer about replaced / new foreign currency. Ask the Boss! not the nicompoop employee, they won’t give a damn.

3) Use all your Macau coins in Macau, they are not accepted in HK.

4) Sit in the middle of the ferry on your trip from Macau – HK or vice versa. My girlfriend vomited. (we sat in front)

5) The subway in HK is so easy to navigate. An OCTOPUS prepaid card is a must. Unused balance and deposit is refundable minus a HK$7 service charge.

6) The road signs in HK is so accurate. A heaven for tourists like us. I just hope the road signs in Malaysia is just as accurate.

7) HK people is very impatient. Ask them once. LISTEN. Shut up and don’t ask again. ( I learn that is not rude, just a way of life)

8) The policemen is so damn good looking and well uniformed. (this is my girlfriend’s take not mine)

9) Major roads in HK is closed on Christmas eve and you have Philippine maids sitting on roads partying into the night then you can see them camping on overhead bridges or some other place having fun with food and playing cards.

10)The tram in HK Island costs on HK2 a trip.

11)Got arthritic pain on my left knee on the last day. (should have got that damn insole before going on this trip)

12) Got to meet lots of celebrities in HK. (all are wax figures)

13) Shopping for clothes is NOT a must in HK. What they got there is available in Malaysia. It may be cheaper in Malaysia too. The prices and quality in Temple Street is comparable to Petaling Street in Malaysia. So I did not buy ANYTHING! (a surprise for a person who likes shopping for apparels)

Well these are what I could recollect for now. And it is certainly the most memorable. Do check out my itinerary for reference if you have not been to HK before.

CAUTION: not for serious travelers. Macau and HK is much more exciting than stated by this inexperienced author.