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  1. Hello Dr. hai i want to ask question.
    is Dr Tron can help for Chronic Pulmonory Disease (COPD) , such as bronchitis and pneumonia? because im ex-smoker and worry that i get this symptom. already nearly 1 month i stopped smoking and still feel uncomfortable in breathing. Thank you. i need reply from you as soon.

    • Dear Erel Erel,

      First and foremost, I am not a doctor by profession. My advice is from my 7 year experience as a wellness consultant with a background in nutrition and natural health studies.

      To date we only have anecdotal evidence of Dr. TRON being effective for symptoms of tightness of chest, breathing difficulties and asthma which has much relations to the trachea, lungs and heart.

      Anyhow I recommend that anyone can go for Dr. TRON therapy as it 100% safe with no side effects and can enhance the bio-electrical charge of our body which in turn helps in the natural healing process which is very different from how nutrients work in the body.

      Kudos for kicking the habit of smoking. As we know – SMOKING KILLS.

      For the difficulty in breathing part, it might be a withdrawal symptoms although rare. I would suggest you go for a check-up for your lung and heart function just to be on the safe side. If everything turns out to be alright, then breathing exercises which you can find in most yoga books will help much. Another solution I recommend is that during this withdrawal period, that you drink or consume more alkaline based food like fruits and vegetables to go easy on your digestive system and create/reserve more energy for your body to repair itself.

      Exercise and sweating is another MUST. The chemicals in your body goes out better through you sweat glands. If you do not exercise then a good FIR sauna will be of help too you.

      Well that’s my advice, if you have further questions please feel free to mail me anytime.

      Till next, keep healthy and happy.

  2. Hi Dr, i heard this yk9000 machine recently, i wish to get one, may i know where can i buy it, and this machine is brand new or re-con machine from japan, was it comes with warranty?

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